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The Benefits of Laser Tag

If you have children who play a lot of video games, you might have a passing familiarity with games like Counter-Strike or some of the many Call of Duty games that have come out over the years. If you don’t, these are shooting games, basically video game versions of the classic “War” games you might have played as a kid yourself. As fun and popular as these games can be, there is a better alternative out there that your kids will love. The game in question is known as laser tag, and it has many benefits for your children that your average video game does not.

Laser Tag is Fun and Safe

In laser tag, players shoot at each other with special guns that fire infrared lasers. When these lasers hit a target that the players wear on special vests, the player’s gun and vest are disabled for a short period of time. The lasers themselves are harmless, and the most a player will feel when they are hit by one is maybe a vibration from their vest that lets them know that they’ve been hit. It’s not that different from paintball or airsoft in terms of rules, but the complete lack of hard projectiles being fired at children means it is much safer.

Laser Tag Can Be Played Anywhere

The guns and vests in a standard laser tag set will work just fine outdoors in the sunlight, but you can also move the game indoors. In fact, there are several indoor laser tag playgrounds around the country that allow you to play a few games at a reasonable price. These playgrounds are generally covered with foam padding and soft mats so that children can run around with little risk of actually being hurt.

Laser Tag is Great Exercise

Since laser tag is a physical activity, it makes for some great exercise as a birthday party location. Not only will your children have lots of fun running around playing a perfectly safe game, but it will be great for their cardiovascular health.

Laser Tag is a Great Game to Play With Friends

Laser tag is a game that requires a group to play, whether it involves everyone running around shooting at each other or having children grouping up into teams. This makes it a great game to play not just with friends, but as a way to make new friends. This is also why it is such a popular choice for children’s birthday parties.

Laser Tag Encourages Teamwork

Even though the occasional free-for-all can be fun, laser tag is best enjoyed when you have two teams go up against each other. You can play until everyone on one team is “dead,” or you can play for points, with each tag being worth points for a team. You can even use the Stratum Arena’s lasers and vests for a game of Capture the Flag. In any case, these team games give kids the opportunity to learn more about teamwork and cooperation, something they don’t always learn when they play video games with faceless people online.

Laser Tag is Affordable

While buying your own laser tag set might cost a little more than you’re willing to spend, an afternoon at an indoor laser tag playground is perfectly affordable. Many have special deals for birthday parties and other events, so look for one near you if you want to know more about this engaging and safe game.

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