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Sunday: 11am-5pm
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Just wanna play with your friends?

Reserve private laser tag games for your group or book out the entire facility before we open or after we close.  Who doesn’t want to gang up on their best friend or parents?

Celebrating 20 Years in the Valley!

We are so excited to reopen and welcome our guests with a thrilling comeback! We can’t wait for you to experience an enhanced laser tag game featuring new lighting, targets, and game stations!

We are also eager to introduce our new expanded café menu now including BEER, WINE, & SELTZERS! Taste new features such as specialty nachos and hotdogs, along with tasty new desserts like pizza cookies, specialty churros, homemade ice cream sandwiches, and sundaes! New improved pizza and more menu items will be introduced regularly!


Local, Family Owned and Operated!

Stratum’s 18,000 sq. ft. facility includes a huge laser tag arena with 15 different levels from 2′ to 20′ high, 90 towers, bridges, and ramps. Play with up to 60 players at one time! Stratum Laser Tag is Arizona’s best entertainment destination!

Let’s Get Social!

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Childhood games of tag are great practice for adult life: chasing co-workers with memos, phone-tag with flighty friends, passing off an uninteresting task to—well, anyone else. Whenever adult tag gets tedious, come play a vamped up kids’ version (only cooler because it has lasers). Stratum Laser Tag offers a 13,000-square-foot laser tag arena teeming with barriers and ramps to duck behind and play over as you’re dodging laser attacks (and dishing out some of your own). The strobe lights, energetic music and glow-in-the-dark designs create one of the best places for kids and adults of any age looking for fun activities,  date night ideas or things to do with the family. With everything going on, you’ll totally forget the real world and develop a laser-like focus to simply not be “it”.

Stratum laser Tag Perfect activites for kids, families and date nights

Stratum Laser Tag is the ideal place to be if you’re looking for a fun day out in Arizona. With a whole host of new renovations, there’ll never be a dull moment when playing laser tag. It’s perfect for kids, families, date nights – and much more!

Newly Renovated & Improved

If you’ve been to Stratum Laser Tag before, then you’ll be blown away by all the improvements and renovations we’ve made. Our team took a lot of feedback from existing and repeat customers to hear what they liked and disliked about our laser tag experience. From here, we were able to upgrade various parts of our facility to make it better than ever before.

Laser tag is a unique activity that brings so much joy to those that play it. Children love the adventurous side of things, and they also adore the idea of firing lasers at other people! But, it’s energetic as well; you get more exercise out of this than a lot of other activities. If you’re sick of your kids sitting around doing nothing, then it’s a great way to get them off their backsides and running around.

Not only that, but it’s a skilful and rewarding game too. You have to work as a team, which makes it ideal for team bonding sessions. There’s never a dull moment with laser tag; you’re always watching your back, and there’s no time for you to be bored at all.

Why Is Stratum Perfect For Summer & School Vacation Get-Togethers?

If you’re looking for an indoor summer activity in Arizona, then Stratum is perfect. As an indoor venue, we get you out of the blistering heat and into a cool area. Everyone is safe from the sun during its hottest hours, and you still get to do something enjoyable!

Plus, because we can house large groups, it’s tailormade for get-togethers. End of year parties can be had here, birthdays, dates, family gatherings; you name it! Our snack bar keeps you replenished, our arcade adds more entertainment – we’ve got everything needed to keep you entertained during the summer.

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