Stratum offers a variety of educational experiences that bring learning to life through interactive STEM based material, health & fitness, and business education presentations. The programs hosted at Stratum’s facility include laser tag play, but we can also bring them to your school. Students will be taught STEM based material through interactive laser tag demonstrations & experiments.

STEM Education Programs hosted at Stratum include:

  • 1 hour Education Program with demonstrations, experiments, and a take home worksheet
  • Laser tag games and scorecards (2-3 hour program depending on the group size)
  • Meal packages available

STEM education Programs hosted at your school include:

  • 1 hour Education Program with demonstrations, experiments, and a take home worksheet
  • Students will receive a free laser tag coupon and other giveaways

Teachers are provided with:

  • Pre-Lesson Plan, Post-Lesson Plan, Quiz,and a Take Home Worksheet

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Music of Movement

During STEM field trips students explore how the body reacts to different situations based on music or noise stimuli. They will measure pulse, pupil size, respiration rate, and skin moisture in response to the various types of music they experience while playing laser tag. Students will compare the results from each laser tag game to generate a hypothesis on how different types of music affect their health and ability to play effectively.

Lasers & Light Waves

Students experience the light spectrum, light waves, polarized light & how it relates to laser tag. They will compare the difference between visible spectrum light, laser light, ultraviolet light, and infrared light while using diffraction gratings and spectrographs to design experiments to test each type of light as it relates to their laser tag experience.

Refraction of Light & Color

Students experience how light interacts with objects to produce colors. Activities introduce the concepts of refraction, reflection, and the additive and subtractive properties of light. Students will explore printing techniques and discover how colors combine through a subtraction or addition process.

Architecture of Light

Students will use the Engineering Design Process to create, test and redesign their own laser tag arena. They will assemble the models then test them using mirrors & lasers to determine line of sight angles & placement of targets in their model. Students will use their laser tag experience to determine where to place mirrors in the Stratum laser tag arena with the goal of sending a beam from one end of the arena to the other using the knowledge they gained by experimenting with their models.

Laser Reflection Reaction

Students will learn about the light spectrum and light behavior through interactive demonstrations and experiments that relate to the laser tag arena, laser tag vest and its phaser. By observing how light travels and behaves as it passes through different materials and mediums students will gain knowledge about reflection, refraction, diffraction and interference.

Laser Fitness Spectrum

Keep students moving with our innovative approach to exercising – wearing a pedometer while playing laser tag! Students will learn about fun physical activities, the benefits of exercise, and the science behind heart rate based training, which is used to stimulate the metabolism and increase energy.

Tag Math

Students will learn how to calculate percentages, means, and ratios based on their laser tag experience and scorecard comparisons. By utilizing this data and comparing their scoring, they will determine the best strategies and game formats to improve their tag ratio, accuracy, and overall score while learning how to decipher data in an inquiry setting.