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Why choose Stratum for your next team building event?

Due to it’s nature, laser tag will inherently provide a sense of team pride, camaraderie, enhanced communication skills, healthy competition, and a great deal of fun. Stratum offers a variety of team building programs created to meet specific objectives and goals.  Contact our event team to help determine the program that will best meet your team’s needs.


Laser Tag Team-Building

Mission Possible

Ideal for groups who are looking to enhance team leadership & communication skills. The mission is to work together to develop, plan, & implement a strategy to lead their team to victory through the course of 3 fun filled & competitive laser tag games!


A great way to break down barriers & focus on developing team relations. In the name of healthy competition & teamwork, your team will develop a stronger sense of camaraderie, rapport, & team unity! This program is also a great way to develop team collaboration & team spirit.

Tank Challenge

This is an entertaining, challenging, & fun way to solidify the importance of how team collaboration can be used to reach a common goal. Your facilitator will lead you through a series of games where you must work with your partner and your team to develop a strategy that will lead the entire team to success by enhancing communication skills.

Base Challenge

An interactive program that emphasizes team connectivity and encourages teams to interact in a unique way. Your facilitator will lead you through a series of strategic elimination style games that are tied around capture the flag type game formats. This program requires you to protect the captain & team from defeat providing a great way for individuals to interact with new leadership.

Operation Team Fusion Initiative

This program will invigorate your team’s creativity, energy, & passion for teamwork as they fuse their talents together to form one cohesive team unit! Team leaders will guide the laser tag initiates to victory as they participate in trivia, laser tag games, & a number of other challenges while using limited resources & time. This program will enhance group interaction, team camaraderie, & the impact each person has on their team as a whole.

Scavenger Hunt Relay Race

This is a fast-paced, strategic event that will foster coworker relations and develop healthy competition and improved morale. This program will include relay races, team scavenger hunt challenges, and trivia questions that award additional points or a new challenge! Also, a great way for leadership to integrate company training & knowledge in a fun way during a company meeting! This program will foster group interaction through a fun place & social team-building program.