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Facts and Statistics The Return of Laser Tag

Laser tag is making a great comeback in the United States. It was widely popular in recent decades, but it did fall out of popularity for some time as video games, and other technology became more present in society. However, laser tag has returned, and many people do not realize the wildly incredible statistics about laser tag.

Recouping Investments

Opening a laser tag attraction seems like it would be rather expensive. There is the rent or lease of the location to consider, plus designing the inside of the course, both of which can be rather costly. Then, of course, there is the cost of the actual laser tag equipment. Also, the cost to maintain this equipment, in the long run, must be considered, too.

Surprisingly, there really is a relatively little risk in opening a laser tag attraction. A business owner can find a return on their initial investments in about 18 months. Since children and teenagers and families are always likely to be interested in this attraction, the upfront costs are likely to be worthwhile.

Not a Monopoly for Competition

While there are plenty of brands out there offering laser tag equipment, there really are not many companies that have a monopoly over specifically running a laser tag business. Most of these businesses are local chains or family-owned establishments, so there typically is not a lot of competition to be had. This factor means that entering the industry is relatively simple. If competition does exist, there are plenty of ways to compete with them by having a different course or different equipment to try out. Therefore, unlike many burger joints, people can really fine tune what they want out of their business without having to answer to some sort of larger corporation for franchising rules, either.

Unlimited Season Access

Another great thing about laser tag is it is not restricted to a given time of year for being able to play. Since it is an indoor activity, it can be played at any time during the year. The most popular months are March, August, and December, though. During March, people are eager to break free of their homes as the spring thaw happens. Since laser tag offers so much exercise, it makes for a great way to work off that extra energy that has been pent up since the beginning of winter. August is also popular because so many children are out for the summer. Also, this month is popular for vacationing times, too. December is wildly popular because of the Christmas season. Families are looking for ways to spend time together that take them out of the house as the cold weather starts to settle in.

Overtaking Other Family Fun Industries

One, classic family fun activity has always been bowling. Many people can recall having gatherings at bowling alleys, especially for parties. However, what people do not realize is that laser tag courses are starting to outperform bowling alleys. Data indicates that laser tag is bound to outdo bowling as a popular pastime between 2021 and 2032. While this news is bad for bowlers, it is great for laser tag. Families are starting to go for the competitive edge it offers while being able to get a great deal of exercise in, too. Children are able also to run off all of their energy gained from sweet treats at parties, which means parents do not have to deal with that energy when their children leave the party. After all, parties for birthdays are starting to make up the most revenue for laser tag courses.


Laser tag is here to stay, or so it seems. It may have tapered off in recent years, but it is quickly gaining steam again. It is expected to outrank many past times in a few years, especially since it promotes exercise and a healthy lifestyle while also including aspects of competition.

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