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Laser Tag Facts 2018

Hunting, chasing, running, and tagging other people are activities that many games set as rules. The laser tag games at Stratum HQ is no different, but what sets it apart is that the game makes uses of all these activities. In the midst of a game of laser tag, have you ever wondered of its origins?

For a game that requires technology, the origin of laser tag is pretty simple. However, buried in it are some surprising facts and statistics that serve as the foundation of its 30-year history. Below are some of them that you may or may not have heard about.

Fact #1: Laser tag was inspired by Star Wars.

The influence of Star Wars can be seen in many products, from clothing, children’s toys, collectibles, and a game that would last for more than 30 years. For George Carter III, it was Star Wars IV that gave him the idea. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia’s fight scene with stormtroopers was the inspiration for the duck and shoot style and laser carrying game we all enjoy today.

Fact #2: Laser tag was first used by the military.

You play laser tag for the challenge and the fun, but did you know that its very first use was in the military? In the 1970s when infrared technology was developed, the US military took advantage of the technology and incorporated it into their combat training.

To improve their training in combat situations, soldiers would careen around and practice firing opponents and the shots registered without actually harming any of the troops.

Laser tag eventually evolved and became a huge and popular game in many countries, but it still serves an important military function not just in America. International armed forces also use infrared technology for combat practice and training.

Fact #3: Laser tag originated in Texas.

Photon, the first laser tag arena, opened in Dallas in 1984. It was the first time that such an arena ever existed, engendering a new type of game that people of all ages still love to do today. Just about everyone except George Carter III thought the game was just a fad.

Fact #4: There is a laser tag museum.

If you ever wondered what the very first laser tag guns look like or want to check out how the vests have changed over time, you need to visit the laser tag museum in Louisville, KY. It’s also the place where you can learn more how laser tag is played whether indoors or outdoors.

The laser tag museum has more than 100,000 visitors each year, a proof that the game is indeed a league of its own.

Fact #5: Laser tag games can involve huge crowds of people and can be expensive.

A game of laser tag is relatively affordable and usually only involves a small crowd of people, with the biggest arenas holding up to 50 players. In Russia, however, a now-defunct arena charged $20 for every 15-minute game. If you think 50 people is way too many players already, think again.

It was 2013 when Australia decided to hold a single game with more than 400 players in it. Just imagine trying to avoid that many lasers!

Fact #6: The creator, George Carter III, had to invest thousands of dollars.

Carter already had a concept for a laser tag gun years before the first ever gun was materialized in the early 80s. in 1981, he had to spend a whopping $50,000 to hire computer and electronics geniuses to create the prototype for him.

By 1983, Photon Entertainment was formed, but he had to borrow from both bankers and loose lending sources.

Fact #7: Carter Previously Worked with Fleetwood Mac

Singer Stevie Nicks’ father owned an amusement park across the street from Carter’s former venture, Chaparral Grand Prix, to which the band Fleetwood Mac eventually invested.

Carter eventually hired one of Fleetwood Mac’s producer to create music that would go with the new game.

Fact #8: Despite all the running and dodging, laser tag is a safe game to play.

Unlike most team building games, laser tag doesn’t require you to have skinship with another player, which means there’s no physical contact. This makes the game a lot safer than other games that involve a group of people.

No one has been seriously injured when playing laser tag. But if you’re a bit clumsy, then you have to be a lot more careful.

Laser tag is one of those games that people won’t dare say no to. It’s an exhilarating way to spend a day with family, friends, or people from work. It’s not all for pure fun — laser tag can be a huge challenge. But what’s amazing about it is that people of all ages can still enjoy it, both kids and adults.

Laser tag can be a great workout too. Aside from all the physical activity, a laser tag gun can be heavy. All that running around while carrying a gun is good cardio and you’ll find yourself sweating soon enough.

If you want a game that has it all and something that’s not expensive, laser tag is a perfect choice.

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