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family entertainment places in AZFamily Entertainment and Kid Friendly Places in AZ

Arizona is a great place to visit. The weather is warm, and it has a beautiful and unique culture. It makes sense why many people choose to go there for vacation. If you’re new to the area, you’ll be enchanted with the scenic desert terrain. You’ll also want to do everything you can to enjoy the city. If you have children with you, you need to ensure that the events you plan are child-friendly, too if you can’t sneak away for a date night. Well, here are 24 kid-friendly family entertainment places in Arizona.

Stratum Laser Tag is the Place

Don’t forget about indoor laser tag! offers the best family entertainment venue in Arizona.  Come esxperience the pulse pounding fun with the whole family even if you have young children.

1. Lunar Exploration Museum

If your child loves space, you need to stop by the Lunar Exploration Museum. Your child will get the opportunity to learn about the moon and even see a moon rock. They will also learn about space and the stars way beyond anything we can fathom here on earth. You may even learn something, too!

big surg az

2. Big Surf Water Park

Arizona can get really hot. Cool off at Big Surf Water Park. There are a number of different slides and attractions. In fact, it has one of the largest wade pools in the country. The park also hosts various concerts from famous artists.

3. Boat Rentals of America- Lake Kiwanis

You don’t have to go swimming to have fun in the water. Lake Kiwanis is a fun place for the whole family. You can rent kayaks, pedal boats, and a variety of different water vehicles. You can also rent a bike and take a nice ride around the lake.

4. Butterfly Wonderland

Butterflies are magical creatures. Just like your child, a caterpillar morphs into a beautiful grown creature. Butterfly Wonderland allows you and your children to look at a number of different butterflies of different colors and species. You will enjoy the sights, and your kids can learn about insects at the same time.

5. Changing Hands Bookstore

Some families love to read and discuss different books. If you have a bookworm in the family, take them to the Changing Hands Bookstore. The store is large, and they even host special events with authors. Enjoy a beer and grab a treat while you browse books or listen to an author speak.

6. Desert Botanical Garden

Arizona is in the middle of the desert. While many people think the desert doesn’t have a lot of greenery, this is a special ecosystem with a number of diverse plants you can’t find in other places. Come to the Desert Botanical Garden to see and learn more about these great plants.

Children’s Entertainment AZ

7. Hall of Flame Fire Museum

Children love fire trucks and other gear used by firemen. Take them to the Hall of Flame Fire Museum. They can all about fire safety and fire safety equipment throughout the ages. Check to see if there are any special events when you are making your video.

8. Heard Museum

Arizona is very proud of its Native American heritage. The Native Americans in the area created a lot of invaluable art that can be seen at the Heard Museum. There are also a number of other exhibits that celebrate nature in all its glory.

9. KOLI Equestrian Center

Horses are majestic creatures. They can help your family get in touch with nature, and they are great for animal lovers. Visit the KOLI Equestrian Center to ride horses. After you ride horses, you can even go for a ride on a wagon and watch cattle get herded.

10. LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Every kid will love to go to LEGOLAND Discovery Center! They will be amazed by all of the intricate creations. they will even be able to create something wonderful themselves. There’s even an aquarium on site for kids who enjoy looking at fish and other marine life.

11. Marston 3-D Theater

Don’t just learn about the stars. Jump right into space by going to the Marston 3-D Theater while in town. This theater offers astronomy shows in 3-D that immerse you and your family into the deepest parts of space. Your kids will like it so much that they won’t even know they are learning.

Odysea Aquarium entertainment

12. OdySea Acquarium

OdySea Acquarium in Scottsdale is a huge aquarium filled with a variety of different sea life. They have everything from exotic fish to starfish. They even have sharks. The kids even have the opportunity to put on a helmet and walk around the aquarium floor themselves.

Kids Entertainment Near Me

13. Phoenix Zoo

Kids love the zoo. Go spend the day walking and seeing different animals at the Phoenix Zoo. You will get the opportunity to see monkeys and even pet some of the farm animals. Remember to bring plenty of water. It can get hot. Ask how you can help with the zoo’s conservation efforts to teach your children the importance of caring for endangered animals and the like.

14. Tilt Studio

Tilt Studio is a fun entertainment center for the entire family. They have 150+ games for you and your family to enjoy. Young children and adult children can both find games to enjoy. You can also get food and drinks for when you want a break. They also have plenty of space for special events, such as birthday parties.

15. Tempe History Museum

Tempe is a wonderful town, and you should take the time to learn its history. To do this, take the family to the Tempe History Museum. The admission is free, so you don’t have to worry about the cost. You’ll find out about the past as well as learn more about the city today. There are also plenty of special events, so be sure to check the calendar to see what’s going on during your visit.

16. Tempe Marketplace

If you enjoy shopping, you’ll love Tempe Marketplace. It has some of the best shopping in town. It’s a giant outdoor mall with a number of different stores to choose from. It’s not only about the shopping, though. You’ll find plenrt of places to eat that the kids will love. There is also a theater for you to catch the latest Disney or Pixar flick. But best of all, there is a splash zone for the kids to play in. They can jump in the water and cool off after walking around the different stores all day.

17. The Cloud at Kiwanis Park

Cool off this summer by visiting the Cloud at Kiwanis Park in Tempe. This park has everything else that a normal playground provides and so much more. The city created a mini recreational water center. It’s known as a “splash pad”, and it’s essentially a mini water park at your local park. Get the bathing suit and have fun. Oh, and it’s free! Just be mindful of the crowds.

18. South Mountain Environmental Education Center

South Mountain is a main attraction in Phoenix. Before you explore the mountain for yourself, stop at the South Mountain Environmental Center. You will learn everything you could want to know about the mountain, the plants, and the animals in the area. After your visit, you will feel comfortable when you go for a hike with the family. You can even rent the venue out for large events.

19. Singh Meadows

Everything tastes better when it’s fresh. Even children know that! Go to one of the most popular farmer’s markets in the state to get the best produce around at Singh Meadows. You can best organically grown fruits and vegetables as well as different drinks.

Entertainment For Kids

20. Kiwanis Recreational Center

Visit the Kiwanis Recreation Center where there’s something for everybody. The people who love to swim will enjoy the wave pool and water slide. The sports enthusiast will enjoy the tennis center, batting range, and range. Everyone will get the chance to enjoy themselves. They will also get some exercise along the way.

21. Gallery at TCA

The Gallery at TCA is a beautiful art gallery with a number of exhibits to enjoy from a variety of artists. They place pieces all around town, but they also have plenty of things to look at at the gallery itself. The creative types will have their minds opened. There is a large emphasis on local artists.

22. Childsplay Theater

Childsplay Theater is a theater that shows performances by children. They may perform classic stories that every child knows. They may also perform a brand new piece. Whatever you see, this award-winning theater is sure to entertain. It may even encourage the theater bug in your children.

23. Main Event Entertainment

Your family will love Main Event Entertainment. They have bowling, laser tag, over 125 games, and even a high ropes course. You can spend the time together or split up and do your own favorite things. Either way, you’re sure to be laughing when you recall your favorite parts over the food and drinks offered.

24. Phoenix Premium Outlets

Phoenix Premium Outlets gives people a place to buy luxury clothes and other items at great discounts. There are over 90 stores, and it’s close to the airport in Phoenix.

Visiting Arizona can be a great time for you and everyone else in your family. These are just some of the places that are kid-friendly. Visit as many locations in Arizona as you can while you’re there. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures. You don’t want to forget your fun memories while in your desert.

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