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Laser Tag With Helios 2

In the world of laser tag equipment, there’s only one commercial grade product that will stand up to the wear and tear of your customers. This is Helios 2, which is the latest in the high-end laser tag systems market. Put this new technology to the test against the past productions and you’ll notice the differences right away. Helios 2 has more accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and comfort for your customers. This new product completely raises the standards of the laser tag equipment industry.

The makers at Helios 2 know that exceeding your needs and the needs of your customers is the key to a fantastic product. Our systems have adapted over the years to fit the growing needs of your business. Unlike other family laser tag system providers, we make the ability to add features, peripherals, and games continually available so that you can keep your customers interested in always coming back for more.

New Design Components Of Helios 2

You know that Helios 2 is an upgraded design from anything you’ve seen in the past. This sounds super awesome, but what exactly are the upgrades. We’ve made it super easy for you to understand in the highlighted list format below.

  • Comfortable Lightweight Vests
  • Game Control With Local Membership
  • Gigantic Phaser Screen For Interactive Stats And Scoring
  • Pausing Option For Competitions
  • More Accurate Play
  • New Phaser Design
  • Ultra FAT Laser In Green

The Specifics Of Helios 2 Zone Play

Helios 2 blows the water out from under the old laser tag gaming systems. Our all-new feature-set will provide your customers with a high-quality experience alongside all the features that you expect from our systems. We have over fifty different game modes that will keep your arena interesting for customers. You can get up to eight different color teams making the zone play even more exhilarating. With our comfortable lightweight vests and easy to use and accurate phasers, your laser tag center will reign supreme over all the rest in town. The best part is that we enable our system for complete arena automation, making staffing requirements minimal for you.

The Zone Difference

Zone has constructed what we consider the best in new laser tag technology with Helios 2. Your customers will love the light-weight vests that ensure flexibility, breathability, and comfort during even the most intense gameplay. Our instant tag recognition system allows for in-game automatic scoring and stats. With our advanced arena interactivity and tactile feedback, your customers will have an experience unlike any other before.

Our New Flexible Purchase Model

With the Helios 2, comes a brand new flexible pricing model from Zone Laser Tag. We allow you the ability to only purchase what you need with our plug and play software and scalable hardware systems. You can update or buy additional hardware, games, and other features at any time you wish. We even offer the ability to rent specific games so that you can test them out in your market before investing in them. Our new purchase model makes it easier than ever to stay on budget while maximizing the experience for your customers.

Intuitive And Safe Gameplay

Our Helios 2 system is a great way to showcase our intuitive products that allow for safe gameplay. We offer two-hand phasers so that competitive play can be saved and feel real. With our capacitive sensors, our games are virtually uncheatable, which makes them fun for all competition levels. We know that even the roughest players won’t wear down our equipment because we utilize tilt technology and sturdy rubber nozzles on all our phasers. Here are just some of the newest features that will have your guests loving your place.

  • Multilingual Audio And text
  • Dual Infrared Fire Mode
  • Screen Animations
  • Happy Birthday Singing To Guests
  • Four Channel Extra-Loud Audio System
  • On Screen Avatar Photos
  • Scaling Scoring System With Four Different Hit Zones

Complete With New O-Zone Operations

We’ve re-engineered our operating system from the ground up. We base all our operating models on having control, ease of use, modern security, up-to-date technology, and simplicity. Our new Helios 2 O-Zone platform makes running your laser tag system a breeze. All of the arena components are wi-fi enabled, which helps to save you time and money during the installation process. It virtually eliminates the need for wiring during setup. With our operating system, your controller can start games, end games, interact with various vests, change colors and settings, access diagnostic data, and print scorecards. The best part is that O-Zone is accessible from any internet connected device.

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