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Getting your employees involved in team building isn’t easy when you expect them to join in with activities while stuck in an office. If you want them to enjoy themselves and learn something along the way, there are many more exciting and less corporate things to do. Doing anything as a team can help to build morale and improve relations between your employees. They don’t have to be doing office-based activities using a whiteboard and paper and pen. To find somewhere that your employees will love in Arizona, check out these recommendations in some of the state’s major cities.




There’s plenty to do in Phoenix, which is the fifth most populous city in the United States.


  • Escape Room

An escape room is an excellent test of your team’s or first date‘s logic, team working skills, time management, problem solving, and more. Escape rooms have appeared all over the place in the last few years, and you’re likely to find at least one or two in every city. In Phoenix, there are plenty to choose from, with various themes to make it more exciting. The Puzzle Effect is one of the top options, with a number of team building packages to choose from. They last between 90 minutes and 8 hours, with upgrades available that include catering and snacks.


  • Scavenger Hunt

Going in a scavenger hunt might not immediately appeal to your employees, but it can offer an exciting way to get out there and explore the city. Choose the right one, and they can have plenty of fun. cityHunt can take you through downtown Phoenix, as well as Tempe, Scottsdale and more. If your employees would prefer to get outdoors and run around, instead of being locked in an escape room, a scavenger hunt keeps things interesting. It involves trivia questions, photo tasks, video challenges and more. Special holiday scavenger hunts and team building trivia are also available.




Mesa offers some more unusual things to do for your team.


  • Laser Tag

Whether working together as one team or splitting into two teams, laser tag offers a fun day out for your employees. Laser tag is more than just running about aimlessly. It gives your team a chance to work together and develop a strategy that will help them to win. It’s a high-energy activity that’s much more exciting than brainstorming in a meeting room, and it offers a choice of different games for your team to try. Stratum in Mesa gives you a number of options for your laser tag game, including a scavenger hunt relay race and even hopping onto a trolley.


  • Goat Yoga

For any businesses looking for something completely different that’s sure to make everyone laugh, goat yoga is an option. Available in Mesa from Arizona Goat Yoga, this team building event will get everyone bonding and laughing. This corporate event idea can take place at the ranch where the goats live or the goats can come to you if you have an appropriate place to host them. The company provides everything that’s needed, including fencing, yoga mats and of course the goats. There’s also an alpaca at your service for all your photo taking needs. It won’t necessarily teach your team anything, but it will definitely make sure they have fun.




If you’re looking for creative ideas, you can find them in Tempe.


  • Do Good Bus

Do you want to get your team involved in something charitable? For something that’s a bit different, the Do Good Bus experience from TeamBonding can help to build morale among your employees. Over 4 to 5 hours, your team will jump onto a bus that will connect them with their community. The bus can take 20 to 40 people and will pick them up at your preferred location and will connect your employees with volunteer opportunities that will allow them to do some social good. They can arrange everything for you, but keep it somewhat of a mystery so you’re not completely sure what you’re going to get.


  • Rage Release

Maybe your team has some pent-up frustration or just wants to try something a little chaotic and fun? At the Simply Smashing Rage Release Room, you can pick up a baseball bat (or any other implement that’s fun to swing) and start smashing the contents of a room. It’s a great way to start re-energizing a team that’s feeling lethargic or low on morale. Your provided with safety gear, things to break, and even music to swing to. There’s also a party room available for food and drinks and you can record your session. But it’s probably not the best idea to leave coworkers who don’t get on too well in the room together.




Scottsdale is the place to go if you want a way for your team to get active or adventurous.


  • Rock Climbing


Rock climbing can be an excellent team building activity because it requires everyone to support each other and to build trust. Climbing can be a great group activity, and a rock climbing gym provides the perfect place to do it. AZ On The Rocks in Scottsdale has specially designed team building activities, which require your employees to work together and complete a goal. They might be tied together, blindfolded or asked to traverse a tightrope, requiring everyone to work as a team. There are options for smaller groups of up to 20 and much larger groups of up to 200.


  • Off-road Tour


Some employees want something a bit more extreme than a scavenger hunt or an escape room. If your team is hoping for something that will give them more of a thrill, you can consider an ATV tour with Desert Wolf Tours. Their tours from Scottsdale will take your team off-roading in military grade ATVs, deep into the Sonoran desert. They provide guides who will tell you about the landscape. They also have a desert shooting range and can even offer you a machine gun experience. If you want to introduce some competition to the event, they have an Ultimate Team Building Challenge option that you can consider too.


All of these team building options will give your employees a chance to work together, have fun and build morale.

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