The Galactic History of Laser Tag

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A Brief History of Laser Tag

While some people find history boring, the history of laser tag is actually a lot of fun. Let’s take a look at how this game with roots deep in sci-fi, part tag, part paintball, became the laser tag we know and love today.

How Did Laser Tag Become the Game We Play Today?

The United States Army was the first to engineer a laser tag type game using infrared sensors, however, it was used for more than just a good time. The Army used their “laser tag” system for combat training in the late 1970’s through the early 80’s. This system, known as MILES and used laser beams fired at targets to score the user’s hits.

The first commercially available, in home laser toy, came about thanks to Star Trek. The Star-Trek franchise developed and sold the first “phaser” toy. It included a laser meant for home use and resembled the phasers used on the television show.

Star-Trek wasn’t the only way Hollywood influenced the beginnings of laser tag. A man named George Carter III is credited with developing the first arena based laser tag system. This game included a system for keeping score. George Carter III is said to have come up with the idea for his game while watching Star Wars Episode IV in 1977. He opened his first laser tag location in Texas in 1984. In 2005, George Carter III was awarded by the International Laser Tag Association for his contributions to the beginnings of laser tag. He was given an official award naming him the inventor and founder of the game.

Other people may lay claims to the invention of laser tag, but this award makes George Carter III the official founder of laser tag as we know it today.

Laser tag suffered a drop in interest in the late 1980’s. People just weren’t interested in playing anymore. Many locations went out of business, including George Carter III’s original Texas location.

Thanks to all things retro becoming popular again, laser tag is currently enjoying a comeback. People of all ages enjoy laser tag. It’s not just for kids anymore! Some people even play as a team building exercise. Due to advancements in technology, laser tag has become a successful business again. International tournaments are held around the world. As technology continues to change and grow, laser tag has continued to advance as well.

Considering laser tag has only existed for a couple of decades now, it enjoys a rich history that blends the game of tag with a nod to some major Hollywood sci-fi hits.

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