6 Affordable and Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

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Honestly Fun Birthdays On A Budget Are Possible
kids-birthday-party-packagesThink back to when you were a child, back to the days when “simple” for a birthday party truly was. Remember those games that were easy for Mom to make herself, or maybe you even got to help? Toss a ball in a cup, pin the tail on the donkey, or the old classic bobbing for apples? Unfortunately, fun has gotten a lot more complicated these days, and expensive, so use these birthday party ideas to help you give a great time to your child.
Before deciding on details such as theme, food, and where to have a birthday party, think about your cash flow. There is no need to destroy your budget for a party that is only going to last for a short time. When you know for certain what you can comfortably spend, then it’s time to figure out what you can do with it that your child will still remember when it’s time for them to plan your grandchildren’s birthday parties.

Nowadays, just barely “average” birthday parties include things like bounce houses, drawings for pricey door prizes, field trips to amusement parks, etc. Not every family has the budget to cover that kind of party but there are other options for modern children that can make their party a huge success. Following are a half dozen ideas out of many that can make a child’s birthday a “must do” event for all their friends.

Stuffed Animal Party

kids-playing-arcade-skee-ball-partyYounger children still at the age where they like to cuddle soft things would enjoy a party with a stuffed animal theme. Ask the parents to bring their child’s most beloved teddy bear as their “guest” to the party and let the fun begin. Pick a room large enough to hold them all and lay blankets on the floor with a comfy pillow for each child that has a stuffed animal of some kind sitting in the middle of the pillow. Finding out in advance what each child’s favorite animal is and then having a stuffed version of it waiting for them at the party is guaranteed to bring delighted squeals of laughter.

Stuffed animals can be had cheaply at any dollar store. Also, younger children still enjoy a good game of hide and seek, and with a little construction paper plus imagination, you can make your own pin the tail on whatever animal is your child’s favorite. Baking a sheet cake yourself and cutting it into a shape that matches the theme will get every child’s attention. There is no need to visit the bakery for an over-priced cake that someone else decorated.

Bring Favorite Characters To Life

When every child is dressed as their favorite action hero, comic book or cartoon character the possibilities for fun are endless. One idea is a quick trip to the dollar store and the inexpensive purchase of enough essay tablets to go around will get the party going in the right direction. Once the books have been covered in heavy paper they are ready to be transformed into a story about the child’s favorite character, written in the child’s own words.

Placing a photo of each child on the back of their books, complete with a little personal information on the “author” gives this idea the perfect finishing touch. One way to make this even more fun is asking each guest to bring along a couple of their favorite books to trade for new favorites among what other children have brought. This way, they leave the party as authors of their very own books, plus have a couple new ones to read from trading with the other children.

Chocolate Making Parties Can’t Help But Be Crowd Pleasers

Most children get a kick out of making their own snacks, especially the sweet gooey kind. One all-time popular favorite is chocolate or caramel! Any craft or dollar store should have a variety of molds that can take the average party and turn it into something special. Melting the ingredients, letting them pour it into their favorite mold, then putting it in the freezer for a quick set allows every child there to enjoy a treat made by their own hands. Spending a little extra on wax paper will help greatly with the clean up so parents can enjoy the party too.

Backyard Birthday Carnivals

If the weather is bad, carnivals can be held indoors. That might mean fewer games with less room but sill loads of fun. Children like to be active and hosting your own carnival where they can run from game to game winning inexpensive little prizes is an awesome idea. It will also cost a whole lot less than taking them all to a bowling alley or other place where the cost of entry doesn’t even include any of the fun activities. Granted, hosting a carnival is going to be more work, but not that much more money and so worth the effort for a fun party.

Carnival games such as a simple ring toss only needs a few rings and soda or other bottles that won’t tip over easily when full. Or a bean bag toss, an adult at the “tattoo” booth with washable ink ready to go, balloons and maybe even a rented popcorn machine are all good ideas. The most expensive would be the rental of the popcorn machine which could be avoided if you made your own popcorn and “sold” it in decorative paper holders.

Older Children Require A Little More Thought

voted-best-birthday-party-in-az-2017That in between age is still young enough to enjoy a well-planned craft party. Girls or boys, give them something to decorate to their own tastes, then step back and watch them have fun doing it. Once again, craft stores or dollar stores can provide the item to be decorated as well as the trimmings for the job at very low prices. Girls may use glitter and lace to decorated their project, and boys may appreciate rubber spikes to glue all over theirs, but whatever they create is something to take home with them that will memorialize a birthday party they enjoyed.

A Scavenger Hunt Is Something Children of All Ages Enjoy

A little careful thought about what to use as hidden treasures to be found along the way and then the main prize is all it takes to host a “Scavengers” birthday party. Well, that and a few unique clues for each child attending. Only one big prize will be found but this only encourages friendly competition and everyone enjoys the hunt. This is the kind of party that encourages both mental and physical exercise as well. Watching a kid analyzing a clue and then work to find that treasure is so much fun to watch you will enjoy this as much as the children do.

The preceding are only six out of the limitless possibilities for birthday party ideas on a budget. Backyard camping with roasted hotdogs, barbecue parties at your local park or lake with a few balloons and ribbons hanging from trees are two more ways that provide maximum fun for a minimal price. More or biggest isn’t always best. When a child sees you work to accomplish something for them and then they and their friends enjoy the fruits of your labors, feelings are generated that last a lifetime.  For SE Valley kids birthday party places in az just check out StratumHQ.com to show them a little fun, feed them something they don’t normally get everyday, and then back away so they can enjoy the party without too many adults around to limit their enthusiasm.

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