How to Throw a Great Birthday Party for Your Child

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How to Throw a Great Birthday Party for Your Childkids-playing-arcade-skee-ball-party

Holding a birthday party for your child can be a wonderful event. If your child has a birthday that is coming up soon, you’ll want to start planning their party as early as possible to get all the details down pat. Here are a few tips that will help you plan a great party for your child!

What Does Your Child Want?

Most kids who are old enough to talk are also old enough to know what they would like for a birthday party theme. They may be into princesses, pirates, Disney, cats or a jungle theme. The choices are endless and it is usually pretty easy to throw a party around a certain theme. You’ll also want to ask your child how many kids they would like to attend. A shy child may become easily overwhelmed if dozens of kids show up at their home for a party, especially when they are the focal point. Discuss their needs before making the invitation list.

Find a Venue to Throw the Party At

best-birthday-party-place-in-az-2017You may be very busy with work, school, shopping, kids and everything else that life throws at you every day. It’s ok to not want to throw a party on your own. Many places allow the public to rent out an area to have a party at and offer special deals. For example, your local bowling alley or laser tag areana may offer a birthday party package for a couple of hours where all you have to do is show up. Or find a laser tag place where the kids can run while you set up in a private room. If you do decide to have the party at home, hiring an entertainer that your child would love is a good idea. Another option is renting a giant inflatable bounce house-every child loves to play in these!

Keep the Food Simple

You may be itching to make all of those fancy recipes you see online, but a small child’s birthday party isn’t really the time to try. Not only will you wear yourself out needlessly, most kids won’t even notice the effort you made. It’s fine to stick with some easy basics, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, soda and water. Have some chips, pretzels and dip out in bowls to keep the kids satisfied until you actually serve the main course. You’ll want to be careful that you don’t have too many sugary foods, especially if you have a cake to serve later on.

Keep the Gift Opening at Home

It’s more polite to open any gifts your child receives after the kids have left or you come home from the party. Many kids may not have been able to purchase the best present and it can be hard for younger birthday boys and girls to control their emotions. You don’t want anyone to be embarrassed or hurt at a party! Simply make sure your child writes personalized thank-you notes and sends them out to show he or she truly appreciated their gift.

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