Stratum Events Division

Our team building & special events division offers a variety of non-laser tag team building programs. We can create & facilitate team-building programs that are hosted at your company headquarters, a resort ballroom, outside spaces, or a venue of your choice!

For more information on these programs or for a custom created team building event, please contact Angela at 480.545.6203 or [email protected].


Non-Laser Tag Team Building Events

Sauce It Up

This pizza building challenge is a saucy event that will allow participants to learn about their team members’ tastes & talents in a culinary test of teamwork! This program incorporates creativity, fun, & an upbeat exercise that encourages teams to work together to achieve a common goal while partaking in challenges, designing their own pizza box, creating a commercial to sell their pizza, and of course preparing a homemade pizza!

Food Challenge Salsa Throw Down

A spiced up event that will allow you to learn about your teammate’s tastes & talents through this culinary test of teamwork! This is a creative, fun, & upbeat exercise where teams will work together to achieve a common goal while focusing on interacting & communicating with one another as they develop the recipe, design their logo, & create a “commercial” to sell their creation!

Chili Cookin’ Challenge

Imagine your group planning and preparing mouthwatering award-winning chili from scratch. Your group will be asked to develop the recipe, choose the ingredients, and begin cooking together. Teams will develop a recipe and plan of action then meet the judges who will sample the creations and award points based on the best tasting, the spiciest, and other criteria. Stay alert because some other challenges will be cooked up along the way!

Glowing Laser Tag Putt-Putt Challenge

This program incorporates vision casting, cooperation, collaboration, & the creative use of resources. Teams will interact through laser tag play and the building of a glowing putt-putt course. Teams will participate in laser tag challenges, golf challenges, & a black light scavenger hunt while testing your team’s creative abilities, communication skills, and their golfing ability!