Stratum offers a variety of educational experiences that bring learning to life through interactive STEM based material, health & fitness, and business education presentations. The programs hosted at Stratum’s facility include laser tag play, but we can also bring them to your school. Students will be taught STEM based material through interactive laser tag demonstrations & experiments.

STEM Education Programs hosted at Stratum include:

  • 1 hour Education Program with demonstrations, experiments, and a take home worksheet
  • Laser tag games and scorecards (2-3 hour program depending on the group size)
  • Meal packages available

STEM education Programs hosted at your school include:

  • 1 hour Education Program with demonstrations, experiments, and a take home worksheet
  • Students will receive a free laser tag coupon and other giveaways

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Science of Sound

During these STEM field trips students learn how both light and sound are forms of energy that travel in waves, but they behave differently. Students will explore some of these differences between light and sounds by using hands on explorations to see sound and observe waves.

Lasers & Light Waves

Students will explore light waves and how they relate to laser tag. Students will observe different types of light and how they interact with diffraction gratings and polarizing films. Using their new knowledge, students will be asked to hypothesize how changing the light we see impacts our laser tag game play.

Laser Reflection Refraction

Students will learn about the light spectrum and light behavior through interactive exploration of reflection and refraction. By observing how light behaves as it passes through different materials, students will work together to apply their knowledge and improve their laser tag game.

Architecture of Light

Students will learn about the application of the human-centered design concept as they create their own laser tag arena. They will learn about this creative approach to problem solving and be lead through this process as they design, create, and test their own laser tag models by applying their knowledge from a real game of laser tag.

Laser Fitness Spectrum

Keep students moving with our innovative approach to exercising! Students will learn about the importance of exercise and explore how laser tag impacts certain physiological processes in their bodies. Students will be asked to generate hypothesis and track changes during game play.

Tag Math

Students will use addition, subtraction, and one digit multiplication in Tag Math Beginner or percentages, means, and ratios in Tag Math Advanced to analyze their own scorecards and compare team scores. Utilizing this data, teams will strategize how to improve a specific metric such as total score, tag ratio, or accuracy during their next game.