Let us bring the STEM Education Programs to YOU!

Student directed, project-based learning & STEM Education Instruction

Through a partnership between Stratum & Arizona Science Center students can now experience “STEM on the Go” field trip through educational play that we bring to you! We will deliver, set-up, teach, & engage your students in a variety of fun, interactive hands-on STEM activities, experiments, & demonstrations. Students will learn about the science behind laser tag, lasers, the light spectrum, engineering, mazes, technology, & more. Choose from a variety of programs for groups of 25 to 500 or more!



STEM on the go Programs

Circuitry Systems

How do laser tag packs actually work? Students will explore the basics of circuitry to discover how laser tag packs and other electronics around them work by learning about insulators, conductors, & circuit boards. Students will then apply their knowledge of circuitry to create a laser tag sensor that they will test out in a mini game of laser tag.

Laser Light Laboratory

Learn about reflection and refraction while improving your laser tag game! Students will be provided with a variety of materials to determine what items are reflective. With the knowledge gained thorough experimentation, students will work in teams to test the materials to see what will help them bounce light to hit a target. Which team will become the fastest taggers in the challenge of the mind?


Imagine. Design. Make. Connect. Engage students in a creative collaboration of science, technology, engineering, math, and art through project-based learning that is related back to the technology behind laser tag engineering concepts.  CREATE is an immersive, active, creative, & flexible space that applies engineering concepts and principles by working with different fabrication tools & materials.

Optical Maze Challenge

Explore a real-life maze while playing laser tag in Stratum’s arena and build your own maze at Arizona Science Center!  Students will use the Engineering Design Process to explore how lasers work to create a solution to make light travel in a given space.  Use strategies to navigate, critically think, engineer, and show teamwork while creating a maze. During the laser tag games, use laser light and infrared light to score as many points as possible while navigating the arena and working together with your team.

Stemtastic Takeover

Let us take over your site for a half day of fun, engaging, hands-on learning. Students will enjoy rotating through assemblies, science demonstrations, & hands-on activities for up to 500 students. This model can be customized based on numbers of learners, space, theme, & budget.

All programs include a topic related to laser tag technology such as circuitry, the light spectrum, mazes, along with activities that incorporate engineering, brain games, astronomy, coding, ecology and conservation, physics, bioscience and medicine, integrated mathematics, literacy, & the arts to name a few!

Superhero Fitness

Work the mind & body with hands-on learning! Students will learn about the science behind superhero powers through an engaging & entertaining assembly. Engage your body in laser fitness spectrum as students learn about physical activities, the science behind heart rate based training, & how the metabolism is stimulated. Next, engage your mind to test puzzles that focus on using different parts of the brain. Learn about how healthy mental & physical stimulation can be good for your body!

A”Maze”Ing Engineering

Students will use invention, design, creative problem solving, communication, and explorative adventures to create their own life-size laser tag arena! By using the Engineering Design Process, hands-on discovery, and their imagination, students will learn about concepts like simple engineering, reflection, refraction, & the use of different forms of light. Teamwork is key as students work together to design walls, ramps, & ways to move light. Imagine the fun students will have as they learn about the role engineering plays in everyday life as well as in a game of laser tag!