Bring learning to life with an interactive educational experience focused on encouraging creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills. An Arizona Science Center instructor will teach and facilitate students through hands-on demonstrations and experiments that focus on reinforcing the concepts through project-based learning and STEM instruction relating to laser tag technology. Programs provide a rich learning experience that support content standards and create excitement!



Bring learning to life through educational play for K-8 students as we bring the field trip to you! Our instructors will engage students through a focused STEM concept where they will explore, investigate, and collaborate through project-based learning relating to laser tag technology. Programs focus on hands-on activities that encourage communication and provide take-home projects that reinforce the presented concepts and curriculum to allow for continued discussion in the classroom and at home.


Eventful Education

Eventful Education programs are developed to enhance retention of subject matter. Students are encouraged to use creativity, imagination, critical thinking, communication, and collaborative skills as they partake in hands-on activities, challenges, experiments, building exercises, & crafts. We teach science, history, literature, engineering, coding, math and other STEM concepts in an out of the box way to perks the interest of students! Once we have their attention, the inquisitive nature of the students comes alive as we integrate real-life applications, meaningful instruction and materials that drive excitement, ingenuity, interest and enhanced interaction.