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Team Building Ideas, Event Packages & Corporate Events

Benefits of Team Building

Experience Laser Tag and other Team Building Programs in the World's Largest Laser Tag Arena. Explore over 90 ramps, towers, and bridges with over 15 different levels!

Due to it’s nature, laser tag inherently will provide a sense of team pride, camaraderie, enhanced communication skills, healthy competition, and a great amount fun but through a variety of customized game formats, Stratum is able to offer a wide selection of options to meet your team’s objectives and goals when hosting a team building program. Our event planner would love to help determine what type of program will suit your team best to meet your event objective!

Ask us about our awesome Corporate Team Building Ideas.

Team Building helps develop the following skills:

  • Better COMMUNICATE with one another
  • Develop a greater degree of CAMARADERIE and RAPPORT
  • Enhance their COMPETITIVE edge
  • Develop greater degrees of LEADERSHIP skills
  • Enjoy positive GROUP INTERACTION while employee relations are improved
  • Promote TEAMWORK by removing boundaries, stresses, and tensions of the work environment
  • Demonstrate how employees can work together to reach a COMMON GOAL
  • Unveil the IMPACT that being a TEAM-PLAYER can increase your success in and out of the work environment!
  • and... HAVE FUN with one another and your boss in a relaxed setting!

Company Meetings

Do you need a unique venue for your next company meeting or corporate event? Meetings at Stratum are unique and we will customize the event to suit your needs and budget by providing an out-of-the box option by utilizing our Sky Deck Banquet Space, Lower Arena Banquet Space & 3 other break out rooms. Tables, chairs, linens, internet, audio, projection screen, a fabulous meal, beverage service, & audio visual capabilities available. Additional items may be outsourced upon request.

  • SKY DECK BANQUET ROOM: 2500 square foot room, seats up to 150 people; 120 people classroom style
  • BANQUET ROOM: 600 square foot room, seats up to 50 people, 20 people classroom style
  • BREAK OUT ROOMS varying sizes seat 10 to 30 people

Holiday Parties

Celebrate the season at Stratum Laser Tag!

Our event coordinator will customize a package to suit your group’s needs & budget. Custom packages may include private or non-private laser tag game formats, appetizers, dinner, bartending services, transportation, arcade play, and even a visit from Santa!

For holiday packages, menus, and pricing, please contact at event coordinator at

Event Enhancements

At Stratum we know that those extra special custom touches & interactive activities can make or break an event. Our coordinator will plan your event from beginning to end to assure that you have a turn-key, hassle-free event

  • Agent ID’s Allow players to choose a code name
  • Themed team identifiers Themed by your industry | based on event theme
  • Award Medals Customized with company or event name
  • Catering & Bartending Service Menus On the Border | The Herb Box | Famous Dave's | Olive Garden | Stratum Catering
  • Arcade Alley Challenge
  • Arcade Game Play
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Laser Tag Ice Breaker Challenges Comic Book Keepsake

Entertainment & Décor

Our planner will assist you in creating a memorable event by utilizing unique décor and event enhancements through our team of first-rate preferred vendors.

  • Meeting Services Internet, sound & audio visual needs
  • Table & Linens Rounds
  • Chiavari Chairs Black | Silver | Ice | Copper | Gold with Black, White, or Ivory Cushion
  • Dance Floor Illuminated Acrylic | Oak Parquet | Black or white vinyl
  • Other Tables Upgraded Linens | Dinner Napkins
  • Illuminated Items Acrylic Tables | Buffets, Bars | Chairs
  • Lighting Up lights | Spot lights
  • Theming Western Theme | Army Theme | Futuristic Theme | imagine up your own
  • DJ Dance the night away
  • Hypnotist Truly memorable
  • Green Screen Fun Interactive entertainment & memories to go
  • Photographer Varies by day & time
  • On-site Photo Booth Immediate photo gratification-on demand printing

Bulk Ticket Sales

Stratum offers consignment & bulk ticket sales for small companies & large corporations who are looking for a great incentive to offer to your employees, clients, and their families! Work/life balance is an integral part of maintaining employee morale, productivity & happiness in the work place, so show your appreciation by rewarding employees for a job well done or as a benefit of employment with your company.

We will provide discounted laser tag tickets with no expiration along with promotional materials, discount coupons for parties & events.

For ticket purchase & consignment inquires, contact us at for more information

Location & Information

Laser Tag is a game of strategy and great fun with the objective to score as many points as possible during the allotted timed period. Participants are educated on how to play the game, how to wear & use the equipment while in a live, entertaining briefing. Participants then suit up in the pack donned with lights and begin their adventure into the laser tag arena which is a huge maze with 90 towers, bridges, and ramps where they will try to tag other players and hide to avoid getting tagged by other participants while trying to score extra points by tagging bases, which are actually interactive targets that can tag back if you don’t get away quick enough!

There are several different types of game formats and parameters, but the main objective in a standard game is to score as many points as possible by tagging the blinking lights located on the vest’s chest, back, shoulders, and the laser. When tagged by an opponent your pack will light up, and then shut down and you’ll just be out of the game for a couple of seconds, although unlimited tags are available during the game. At the end of the game participants will enter back into the vesting room, take off their packs, then go to the lobby to check out their detailed scorecards.

The scorecards are detailed print outs with details about the participant’s total score, ranking, and other detailed information about the game. Players are able to compare their scores with other participants as well as see a detailed list of the players they tagged as well as those who tagged them along with their rankings and scores. The team scores are also listed as well. See sample scorecard.

RECOMMENDED DRESS CODE | Stratum suggests that participants dress casual and wear athletic clothing, tennis shoes, or other comfortable shoes and attire. Many participants wear dark colored clothing so as not to glow in the dark due to the number of black lights that make white and other light colors more apparent. It is not required that participants dress in this manner, but for optimal comfort this is suggested. The game may not seem physical, but it can be when climbing up towers & bridges.

SAFETY | Stratum Laser Tag is a physical activity, but no athletic ability is required. On-site and off-site Stratum Laser Tag options are handicap accessible. This game is able to accommodate all ages, weights, & sizes so no restrictions are placed upon players! Those who have asthma, epilepsy, or a heart condition should be more cautious, so as not to overexert themselves.

Location |Stratum is conveniently located just north of the US 60 Freeway on the east side of Stapley Dr; less than 15 minutes from Sky harbor International Airport & less than 20 minutes from Old Town Scottsdale area


  • We recently completed a team building events session for Catholic Healthcare West's entire leadership team and it was a fantastic experience. Laser tag isn't necessarily something we thought everyone would enjoy, including myself, but we were all pleasantly surprised. At the end of the day, our participants commented on what a great experience it was and that they would like to do it again. It allowed our leadership team to view one another in a different light and enjoy each other's company. Stratum Laser Tag did all the work for us while providing several options to specifically meet our needs. They are a professional, highly service oriented business, and our team would definitely return as well as recommend them to other organizations. -Catholic Health Care West
  • I just wanted to touch base and let you know how much our group enjoyed the team building activity provided by you and your staff at Stratum. To say we enjoyed ourselves would be a huge understatement. For the days following the event, everyone commented frequently about how much fun they had. The desired goal of building team camaraderie was definitely achieved. The dedication that you personally showed to our group was greatly appreciated. Your attention to detail such as ensuring that our special dietary requirements were met was outstanding. Thank You! -OnStar
  • I'm writing this letter to tell you what a fantastic job you and your team did in arranging our team building event at Stratum Laser Tag. It was definitely a success and everyone on the team really enjoyed it. The following day, they couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had. It was very easy working with you to set up all the details. You provided fast and friendly responses through both e-mail and phone calls. All the details were very crisp and clear. The awards ceremony was a nice added touch with our own personalized medals. The team loved them and even wore them to our meeting the next day. The next time we do another team building event, I will call you to arrange another... -American Express
  • Thank you so much for helping us plan our last quarterly outing. You were so patient with all of our questions and last minute changes. The planning was virtually stress free. As for the actual event, it couldn't have gone any better! I received many comments from our employees that this was our best event yet! Thank you for everything! -KB Homes
  • A huge thank you to you and your staff for taking such great care of us providing us with such an excellent experience. -Ritz Carlton

Laser Tag Mission Possible

Ideal for groups who are looking to enhance team leadership and communication skills. Each team’s mission is to work together as a team to develop, plan, and implement a strategy to lead their team to victory through a fun filled program of competitive laser tag games!

Laser Tag Re-energize Program

A great way to break down barriers and focus on developing team relations. In the name of healthy competition and team work, your team will develop a stronger sense of camaraderie, rapport, and team unity! This program is a great way to develop team collaboration & unity while emphasizing develop a stronger sense of camaraderie, unity, & team spirit.

Laser Tag Tank Challenge

Will develop, enhance, and solidify the importance of team communication. Your team will be posed with a number of challenges that require team members to pair up to develop a strategy with their partner although the pair must work to meet the entire team’s goal as they face off against the other teams. This is an entertaining, challenging, and fun way to incorporate how communication and collaboration can be used to reach a common goal.

Laser Tag Base Challenge

An interactive program that promotes team connectivity and synergy through a great degree of team communication which will lead your team to success. This a great program for teams with new leadership who are looking to interact & connect in a unique way through team strategy and a competitive series of games that are tied around capture the flag type game formats and strategic team play.

Laser Tag Search & Rescue Race

A program that is great for teams who want to integrate company training or policy, the promotion of company knowledge, as well as the development of coworker relations through various races that happen concurrently while playing laser tag. The interaction will help foster improved morale as teams learn to work together, cheer one another on, enjoy healthy competition, and learn more about their company’s objectives, new policies, and other information in a fun way and works well when coupled with a company meeting or social event.

Laser Tag Build a Bike Challenge

A great event for groups with an interest in participating a truly rewarding experience by integrating the fun of building & donating a bike to a well-deserved child as well as enjoying the high-tech competition of a laser tag challenge! Imagine your team participating in a fun bike building challenge with a race, and team laser tag challenges all adding up to huge team success and lots of fantastic add-ons for your teams’ bikes. This event is perfect for teams looking to integrate philanthropy, social responsibility, team collaboration, while building camaraderie and learning how to work together as one cohesive team unit.

Build a Bike Challenge

A fun, interactive, & rewarding team building event that incorporates social responsibility in the workplace, along with the importance of team interaction & communication…with the final outcome of your hard work going to the children’s charity of your choice. Your team will build a bicycle, create a team flag, perform a team chant, and participate in a number of challenges along the way!

Build Your Own Golf Hole

Not your everyday Putt-Putt Course! This event will challenge your team’s creative abilities, team interaction, and communication, as well as their golfing ability! Participants will team up to design and create their own miniature golf hole and team flag while utilizing vision casting, cooperation, collaboration and creative use of resources while participating in wacky challenges, competitions, a Golf Tournament, Putting Skills, or other games to keep everyone extra engaged! This team building activity can be adjusted to fit any time frame and can be held indoors (space permitting) or outdoors.

Cosmic Laser Tag Putt-Putt Challenge

Incorporates laser tag play with the building of a putt-putt course. This event will challenge your team’s creative abilities and encourage them to communicate and work together while incorporating vision casting, collaboration, & the creative use of resources along with their golfing ability! Teams will be responsible for designing and creating their own glowing miniature golf hole along while participating in challenges such as playing golf, participating in a black light scavenger hunt, laser tag challenges, or other wacky competitions.

Traveling Trolley Laser Tag Program

The perfect program for groups looking for an out of the box solution to foster group interaction, during a fun, active team building program with transportation included. Hop aboard a trolley with your own personal host who will coordinate the teams and entertain the guests as they travel to STRATUM LASER TAG! Upon their arrival at Stratum, the group will begin a sequence of laser tag challenges with clear mission objectives, strategy sessions, and plenty of laser tag play complete with an interactive debriefing.

Food Challenge: Salsa Throwdown

A spiced up event that will allow you to learn about your teammate’s tastes and talents in this culinary test of teamwork as you create a masterpiece that will have everyone savoring the flavor. This is an excellent way to incorporate team building with a creative, fun and upbeat exercise as teams are working together to achieve a common goal while having fun and preparing award-winning salsa from scratch during a southwest reception that requires that they develop the recipe, choose the ingredients, and cook away…as well as design their own logo and create a “commercial” to entertain and sell their special creation to the judges along with a few other challenges along the way.

Competitive and Fun Play Packages

Perfect for laid back groups looking for a less structured, leisurely event program. The event will incorporate a variety of different laser tag game formats such as solo free-for-all games or variations of team games. You choose the number of games, length of the games, & game formats to create your ideal 2, 3, or 4 hour event.

Tournament Style Programs

Exciting events that is ideal for competitive groups who are looking for a high energy, fast-paced competition! What better way to settle the score and compete against other departments, branches, divisions, or your own team. This event is great as a one-time event or as an annual or semi-annual event with a huge trophy for the winning team to display!

Team Celebrations and Incentive Events

A great way to reward employees for a job well done or just to say thank you. Stratum Laser Tag offers an innovative and exciting forum to celebrate your team’s success by engaging employees in interactive fun. Packages can be customized to include laser tag, event space, food & beverage, awards, & other entertaining options.

Social and Networking Events


Themed Events and Launch Parties


Happy Hour Receptions